Other Specific Planning Services

APIM Other Specific Packages and Hourly Planning Services:

If you are looking for just one-time specific help these packages are great for you. You can also ask for a quote for hourly planning services as described in the section below.


Primary home/Investment property/other major purchase

  • Cash flow analysis and budgeting recommendation of monthly obligation amount.
  • Identify best options and resources for funding the down payment
  • Analysis of mortgage terms and impact on long term finances
  • Life insurance analysis and recommendation for coverage for obligations
  • Flat fee price of $1500
  • 2-3 meetings as required


Retirement Planning

  • Retirement age and Income projection
  • Discuss retirement goals and scenarios
  • Cash flow analysis and recommend retirement strategy
  • Budgeting help and identifying resources to fund strategy
  • New projection after implementation of the recommended strategy
  • Income planning with structured or alternative investments
  • One time investment review and recommendations of current /proposed portfolio
  • Flat free price of $3000
  • 3-4 meetings as required


Tax and Estate planning

  • Analyze current tax obligations and identify and educate on various tax efficient strategies
  • Analyze and recommend tax efficient investment strategy, including annuities, income planning with insurance, and tax loss harvesting
  • Roth conversion recommendation based on taxes
  • Other tax reduction strategy education and implementation
  • Includes cash flow analysis
  • Flat fee of $ 2500
  • 3-4 meetings as recommended


College Planning

  • Financial scenario modeling for different college choices
  • Cash flow analysis for funding option.
  • Analyze and recommend suitable saving and tax efficient (529/self/other) program
  • Education on various funding options.
  • Recommending and implementation of strategy
  • Flat fee of $1000
  • 2-3 meetings as recommended


Succession Planning

  • Coordination with third party (service/attorney/accountant) for business valuation.
  • Education of multiple strategies for succession, e.g. buy /sell agreements, transfers as sale, gift , trust, and private annuities.
  • Closely working with legal counsel and accountant in strategy and execution
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Financial planning including retirement and estate planning
  • One time investment review and recommendation
  • Flat fee of $ 6000
  • 5-6 meetings as recommended.

*LPL Financial does not offer Business Valuation services


Hourly Planning

  • You can also use our services on an hourly basis for any topic, we are happy to provide a customized quote for you based on the amount of work required. We charge $325/hr for hourly planning services.
  • Please keep in mind, our hourly program includes meeting and preparation time.